Subterfuge Agents

Using Subterfuge Agents

Agents are single characters who are used to commit acts of subterfuge and espionage on the campaign map. Agents are able to act upon enemy armies or buildings but cannot go inside them, so they always remain visible and easy to locate. It is possible for your own agents to enter your armies and castle towns up to a maximum of three agents per settlement, etc. Before carrying out an ordered action a prompt will appear, requiring confirmation. Every agent action has a monetary cost associated with it, which is stated on the prompt.


The ninja acts as an assassin, spy, saboteur and scout and is recruited via stealth buildings. In addition to their subterfuge skills, ninja also increase the movement of and prevent the demoralisation of your armies when placed inside them. They can also establish criminal networks within your own castle towns that increase the distance you can see into a neighbouring province and decrease the likelihood of rebellion. Ninja are generally invisible to the enemy unless detected.


Like ninja, geisha are assassins, but, unlike their male counterparts, they automatically start with the highest level of subterfuge skill and can only assassinate or spy passively. Geisha are always visible to the enemy, making them susceptible to capture by metsuke.


The metsuke are your daimyo's secret policemen, recruited through the market building chain. Metsuke ensure loyalty and obedience from friendly generals and keep your settlements and armies safe from enemy subterfuge when positioned inside them. Metsuke can also bribe enemy garrisons, generals and armies, and detect, capture and try enemy agents in your territory. They are especially vulnerable to removal from the game through conversion by enemy monks or missionaries.