Battle Modes

The Run Button

The run button is used to toggle selected units between running and walking. Running is useful for going somewhere in a hurry, but doing it too much will tire the men out.

The Halt Button

Pressing this button cancels orders and makes selected units or ships stop where they are. This is a quicker alternative to giving them a different order.

The Fire-at-Will Button

Fire-at-will is a mode that allows your missile troops to pick their own targets rather than only firing when specifically ordered to do so. It can be toggled on and off with the button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Keeping it toggled off helps preserve ammunition, but if you take your eye off them they may be forced into melee.

The Melee Mode Button

Pressing the melee mode button locks the selected melee-capable units into melee mode, so all attack orders will result in a hand-to-hand attack until you click on the melee button again.

The Skirmish Mode Button

When in skirmish mode missile troops avoid getting into melee by keeping their distance from the enemy. When a unit of missile troops is selected, the skirmish mode button will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, where it can be toggled on and off. A missile unit in skirmish mode and with fire-at-will toggled on can be a deadly combination.

The Guard Mode Button

Guard mode ensures that yari or naginata infantry fight defensively, try to maintain their formation when attacked and don't pursue the enemy if they run away. It can be toggled on and off by selecting a unit and clicking on the guard mode button that appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen when the correct unit type is selected.

The Withdraw Button

The withdraw button causes a unit or ship to leave the battle by travelling toward the edge of the field by the shortest route. It can be called back at any stage before it leaves by issuing a move or attack order.


A unit or ship crew whose morale is broken due to casualties, fatigue or having to face overwhelming numbers of opponents will rout - break from combat and begin to leave the battlefield. There is a possibility that routers can be rallied, either by his presence or by use of the general's rally ability.


There is a chance that a routing unit or ship crew can be persuaded to stay on the battlefield via the general's rally ability. To rally, click on the rally ability button with the general selected. The routers must be within the general's radius of influence for the rally to take effect. Units or ship crews whose morale is shattered will not respond to the command to rally. Commanders that are not generals cannot rally their men.