Battlefield Play

The Deployment Phase

The deployment phase is the period of time between arriving on a battlefield or seascape and the start of the battle itself, where you can arrange your units into the formation of your choice. When complete, press the gong button to begin fighting.

Deployment Zones

During deployment you can secretly arrange your units or ships inside your deployment zone before battle commences. The enemy general will deploy his men within the opposite area. The attacker always deploys first. When you are ready to fight click on the gong button in the centre of the screen.

Pre-battle Speeches

The general will give a rousing speech to his troops during the deployment phase before a battle. The contents are designed to prepare the men for combat with the particular foe they are about to face, and also reflect the general's experience, skills and character traits.


Weather conditions should be considered when fighting a battle. Wet conditions will affect the usefulness of gunpowder and other missile weapons. Those ships with sails can be blown-off course if the prevailing winds are strong. Naturally, this does not affect the majority of available vessels as they are powered by oars. Mists and fogs may occur close to ground level or the surface of water, but they will not obstruct the visibility of your forces.

Using Abilities During Deployment

There are a number of helpful abilities that can only be utilised during the deployment phase of a battle, specifically: the construction of bamboo walls, the setting up of screens to protect archers and the laying of mines prior to a naval battle. All other unit abilities are activated during battle.