The Conflict Phase

The Conflict Phase

The conflict phase is the period after deployment when the actual fighting of the battle occurs. At this point it is possible to select your units or ships and give them orders, either by clicking on the appropriate unit card on the battle review panel or the unit or ship itself. NB - If playing a battle on very hard difficulty level all tooltips on enemy units will be switched off in order to prevent easy identification.

The Battle Review Panel

The battle review panel is the bar that appears across the bottom of the screen during battle. It contains the unit or ship cards representing your force, from which you can check their status and casualties. Clicking on a card selects a unit or ship, double-clicking on it zooms the camera directly to it. Pausing the game then right-clicking on a card opens an information panel. Ctrl + left-click on multiple cards enables you to easily select several units at once for grouping together.


Banners are used on the battlefield to identify a unit as belonging to a clan's army. When a unit is selected its banner bobs up and down and its corresponding unit or ship card turns white. You can select a unit by clicking on its banner. Banners are in clan colours and contain their mon, or clan symbol.