Battle Controls

The Radar Map

The radar map allows an aerial view of the battle detailing the position of your units or ships and those enemies that are visible, and also topography to assist in planning an attack. Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in or out and the button in the corner to minimise or maximise the map. Remember to keep checking the map for enemy reinforcements.

The Speed Slider

The speed slider is used to adjust the speed of the battle. You can pause the game by sliding it to the left and return to normal speed by sliding it one position to the right. The two positions further right are for double and quadruple speed respectively. Remember that you can use the speed slider instead of tiring your troops out by running to engage the enemy.

The Balance of Power Bar

During a battle the balance of power bar tracks the relative strength of our force against that of your enemy. Mouse over it to display the percentage of casualties taken on each side.

The Battle Timer

The battle timer shows how much time is left before a battle ends. The attacker must rout or destroy the defender within the time limit or lose the battle. To claim victory the defender has only to keep the attacker at bay. It is possible to turn off the battle timer in the game settings of the game menu, accessed either by pressing Esc or clicking on the Menu button from the campaign map or battlefield, or through the clan selection screen.

The Manoeuvre Compass

The manoeuvre compass is used for fine-tuning orders on the battlefield. The three arrows within its top half can be used to direct a unit or group straight ahead, or turn left or right. The button in the centre of the lower half causes the selected unit to step backwards. Holding down this button will make them turn and walk backwards. Clicking and holding down the rank and file buttons on either side change the depth of a unit's formation by increasing or decreasing the number of rows the troops stand in.