Battlefield Buildings

Buildings on the battlefield are destructible by fireand can be occupied. Select a unit and mouse over a building. Notice that you can place your unit in one of several positions. Right-click when you have chosen one; your men will enter the building and take up that position.

Key Buildings

Key buildings enable the supply of units on the battlefield when in multiplayer mode. Once captured, an army can use a key building to replenish ammunition and unit morale. As such, a key building can be the focus of combat, as both sides vie for their control. Each key building has an icon floating above it, which changes colour according to its state: green when your army has captured it, blue when an ally has captured it, grey if a neutral clan has captured it, and red if the enemy is in control. The different types of key building are: archery dojo (increases reload skill - the ability to keep calm and prepare the next shot), shrine (improves morale), farmhouse (increases unit movement speed and reduces fatigue), workshop (improves unit armour and defensive capability), sword dojo (improves unit charge and melee attack capabilities) and towers during siege battles.